Getting started with Hugo and static page generation.

I’ve always been interested in blogging (see my previous wordpress blog for when I would write about what games I was playing,, but the time/money cost of maintaining a wordpress blog, for what is essentially is a static site was always a little bit over the top. Not to mention, wordpress isn’t really the latest and greatest in blogging techonlogies. Recently I learnt about Hugo, and started to play with netlify, after a few iterations (and months of down time), I came up with this blog.

What did I do to get here though? I am running MacOS, so it was as simple as:

brew install hugo
hugo new <site name> .
git init

Finding a theme (I recommend using to find something, so many choices. I landed at and importing the theme as a submodule git submodule add themes/PaperMod --depth=1 and setting theme: PaperMod in my config.yaml file.

and setting up the netlify config ( which is in the source repo for this, feel free to steal it ).

I’ve configured to auto deploy the site with each push to the master branch, this means no messing around with saving or logging into a crappy page editor. Just write some markdown, and run a git push, easy as!